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Level: Beginning to Advanced

Ages: 5 to Adult


Level: Beginning to Advanced

Ages: 8 to Adult

Flute & Fife

Level: Beginning to Intermediate

Ages: 8 to Adult


Level: Beginning to Advanced

Ages: 7 to Adult


Level: Beginning to Intermediate

Ages: 5 to Adult

Songwriting & Composition

Level: Beginning to Advanced

Ages: 9 to Adult


Level: Beginning Only

Ages: 9 to Adult

"French" Horn

Level: Beginning Only

Ages: 9 to Adult

Alto Saxophone

Level: Beginning to Intermediate

Ages: 9 to Adult

Lesson Price

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Schedule of Availability

Availability is subject to change from week to week - don't hesitate to ask about unavailable times!


Dr. Jeff is available for lesson appointments 5 days a week.  Lessons are only offered at Dr. Jeff's location.  Holidays are typically observed, though lessons can still happen on days like Labor Day or Memorial Day if both teacher and student agree to meet.  Look at the schedule below for weekly availability.  NOTE: the schedule is updated frequently, but does not reflect any canceled, rescheduled lessons, or flexible lessons that change every week.  


92 W Los Arboles Dr Tempe AZ 85284


Located near Warner & Rural Rd. in Tempe down the street from the IKEA

Lesson Details



Cash or personal check is accepted at the beginning of each lesson.  Credit is not accepted, but please ask for other methods of payment.  Clients can pay for lessons one at a time for the first 3 weeks as a trial period.  Following the trial period, clients pay for four lessons or more at a time (note: unused lessons are refundable!).  Unfortunately, I am unable to offer discounts or scholarships, but I will give you a $10 referral bonus for any new referred students who take at least three lessons with me.  

**Clients also pay a one-time refundable reservation deposit that is equal to the price of one lesson.  Deposit not required during 3 week trial period.  

Teaching Style

My patience, compassionate demeanor, and passion for teaching music are my greatest strengths as a teacher.  I approach every student differently.  I like to analyze students’ personalities and capitalize on their strengths and try to improve their weaknesses.  I will not skip over areas of weakness!  I will stay with the student at their pace until they learn.  While I am a professional educator, I am in no way strict, old-fashioned, or intimidating.  I do not look for perfection, but for a mastery of skills appropriate for their age and level.  I do very well with children aged 4 to 6 as well as with adults.  

I follow a humanistic approach following the student’s natural curiosity and musical interests.  We can learn any style of music and learn any style of playing that ranges from classical piano to improv jazz or rock piano.  I use many methods to encourage student’s ability to read music, and I incorporate music theory to help students recognize patterns so they learn music faster.  I also have many practice techniques that I pass on to students so that they know how to make the most of their practice time.  

Students will play music that interests them and will be exposed to a variety of styles and genres of music. Techniques and pedagogy are incorporated into the lesson with warm-up exercises, etudes, scales, and sight-reading. The exercises or scales that I might assign always apply to the music that is being learned, it is not done so needlessly and carelessly. I also incorporate music composition and conducting activities where applicable.

Cancellation Policy

I allow students 5 complimentary lesson cancelations per year (3 for biweekly students) with 24hr notice that do NOT require paying for the cancelation. These 5 cancelations are not cumulative year to year and they replenish at the start of each year. Federal and religious holidays are automatically observed, so use your 5 cancels for things like vacation, birthday, graduation, Valentine's Day, etc.  If a lesson is canceled untimely with less than 24hr notice, a refund or makeup lesson will not be given. Instead, I will create an educational video via youtube to be viewed at any time at home.  Students who take a lot of time off for the summer can either schedule extra lessons in advance to keep their spot in the schedule, or they can remove their reservation in the schedule.  Rescheduling can only be done with 24hr notice.  Absences without notification are not refunded or rescheduled.  Students may discontinue at any time and receive refunds of the deposit and any unused lessons.

**appointment reminder system not offered, clients are responsible for keeping track of appointments

Lesson Videos

Since I realize flat tires, car accidents, health emergencies, etc. are unpredictable, I  instead offer educational youtube videos as a courtesy when life doesn’t go your way. I will use your missed lesson time and lesson fee to create an educational music lesson video that can be watched by any student at any time (hopefully when you are feeling better or are home safe and sound). The video will be geared towards the ability and  level of student missing the lesson and will take the place of attending makeup lessons. As I create these videos, I will collect a list of links that students can access on their own time. That way, if you must miss a lesson for an emergency or illness, you can check out a video or two online and still learn something, or work on a skill. By creating these videos, clients know that I am still working as a music teacher even if they’re not able to attend.  Feel free to request a video topic for your missed lesson, but I may not be able to make a special video specific to a student unless it involves a skill or piece that benefits many students.  Many students have found these videos to be extremely helpful!

Piano Lessons for Children Ages 5 to 6

I use the “Music for Little Mozarts” series for children ages 5 to 6.  I have several little puppets that go with the lesson book, which incorporates musical activities into a nice story involving the two puppet characters.  I also use a workbook which is a coloring book that reinforces what they learned, and keeps their attention on music.  I also do other activities using flash cards and a dry erase board to reinforce reading music.  I also spend a lot of time modeling fingering, touch, and hand position for young students while they learn (adopted from the Suzuki Method).  We also do music listening and writing activities.  I feel that the MFLM series is best and is at the right pace for children of that age.  I follow the AZ state standards for music, as well as adding a few specific goals of my own.

Adult Lessons

I teach just as many adults as children and their ability levels & interests are just as diverse.  This includes complete beginners with no experience whatsoever to students who have played for several years.  Age is just a number, and I teach retired aged students as well.  It's never too late to try lessons.  We can go as deep as you want into music theory, jazz, and improvisation, or be more focused on classical repertoire...or combine both!  I do whatever is necessary to keep you engaged in learning something new, sharpening your skills, and working towards your goals.


Dr. Jeff's Experience & Credentials

I have been teaching private music lessons since 2000 and have a doctorate degree in music. I have the most experience teaching piano (clarinet is a close second) and have taught anywhere from beginning to advanced levels. In 2012, I taught K-8 general music at a charter school. Since the beginning of 2013, I started working at Monty's Music in Scottsdale and have been adding students and instruments that I can teach. I left the music store and started my own lessons business in 2014 in Phoenix, AZ.  At the moment, this is my full-time job teaching 5 days a week and teach over 30 students (adult and children). Music is my passion and I live through sharing it with others. One of my goals as an educator is to be the same spark and mentor I had when I first began learning music as a student.


Scheduling a private recital is optional, but highly recommended.  Recitals cost the price of a lesson and are not included in the lesson fee.  They can be scheduled with me in my home using any instruments and you may invite roughly 12 guests to attend the performance.  Unlike lessons, recitals can be scheduled on weekends.  Private recitals allow students to perform more music and not have to sit through several students performances typical of traditional studio recitals.  

I also offer one complementary optional recital a year in my living room for adult students to perform in front of each other.  Friends and family are not invited, only performers are allowed to attend.  This really helps build confidence!  I do not offer a community recital option to children because my home cannot accommodate several families at once, that is why it is best to schedule a private recital.  


2018 Hailun Grand Piano 

Krakauer Acoustic Upright Piano 

Yamaha Digital Grand Piano YPG 635 

2 different toy pianos 

Extra clarinet, flute, trumpet, and recorders available


Lots of extra sheet music 

Different fun warm-up books great for technique and reading music 

Dry erase music staff boards 

Music for Little Mozarts puppets 

Music for Little Mozarts starter kit 

Different flash cards! 

Sibelius & Musescore music composition software

Why choose Dr. Jeff?

  • My attendance and cancelation policies are not as strict as most professional studios.  Many teachers will require students to pay for a lesson that is missed or canceled while offering no makeup lessons.  I do not offer makeup lessons, but I do create lesson videos during the student’s missed lesson time.  Students have access to a library of lesson videos to be used when a lesson is missed.  This way, clients know they are not giving me a paid vacation when they must cancel!  Students have the opportunity to learn and work on a skill, even if they must miss a lesson.  I don’t want clients to feel they lose their money when life sends them a flat tire right before a lesson.
  • I can offer a flexibility of lesson scheduling.  Keeping the same lesson time every week reserves your time, but I can schedule different times for students who need flexibility.  This has worked particularly well with my RN students and other people who work non traditional schedules.  

  • I teach students the way they want to learn, the way they learn best.  I can teach students classical, jazz, pop, composition, songwriting, almost any style imaginable.  Students get a well-rounded music education focusing on skills (rather than teaching a student as a trained parrot!).  I can offer traditional classical piano lessons, or something that explores different styles and methods.

  • I teach many instruments, which allows young students to try new instruments or make a switch to another instrument that suits them.  Sometimes, I have adult students who learn multiple instruments, or I will play an instrument along with a piano student. The piano is not for everyone, and I am happy to help a student make the switch to playing  a wind instrument like the flute...especially if they enjoy it more!
  • Students have access to many different instruments such as the upright and grand pianos as well as a high-quality digital keyboard with lots of possibilities.  I show students how to use the “bells and whistles” to enhance their performance and learning.  


Please ask for a detailed lengthy FAQ that covers a lot of information about practicing, what piano keyboard to buy, and more!


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